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Piper Consulting Background

We bulid beautiful partnerships

Piper is a certified woman-owned small business (WOSB), full-service consulting agency providing modern, cutting-edge call center deployment and technology and creative services for selective brands and businesses.
Our technology services cover everything from the design, creation, and management of VoIP virtual and on-premise call centers to the management of enterprise IT systems, cyber security programs, cloud strategy development and cloud migrations. Piper's creative team provides high-end marketing, video production, social media management and design services for every kind of brand and market.

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Passion. Expertise. Niche.

Just like our namesake, we’re agile, resourceful, not afraid to make waves, quick on our feet, and travel with a like-minded “flock” of talented gurus. The daredevils of the technology and creative world ready to take on whatever-sized adventure you are ready to embark on! 

Lily Foks

Lily Foks

Lily is Piper’s fearless leader and Chief Executive Officer. She decided to create Piper in 2018 to fill a void that she saw in her more than 15 years of award-winning collaborations that span the technology, hospitality, and government industries: a need and willingness to bring together the perfect concoction of people to define, address and solve organizational needs. 


Lily’s ability to converse, even with a brick wall, asking the key questions to identify someone’s goals, values, hopes, and dreams has allowed her to gather a network of collaborators from all over the globe. She is looking forward to bringing their talents to your project and showing you her knack for quickly building trust with people, understanding their needs, discovering their preferred communication style, and brainstorming win/win out-of-the box solutions.

Jay Majmudar

Jay is a one-stop shop for procurement, cloud migration strategies, cyber security program design/management and IT business strategies. He pulls from his vast knowledge and experience running a secure managed services division for mission critical systems. 


Jay’s knowledge covers all facets of IT pperations: Network operations center, service desk (Tier 1, 2, and 3), database administration, system administration, storage and network administration, configuration management, and enterprise wide security. He has had a top secret clearance and has managed the best of the best of cloud services (the Amazon, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft). Jay is also an expert at IT supplier management including procurement of hardware, software and services. He pulls this massive amount of experience together to create competitive, cutting-edge and custom IT plans. 


Cybersecurity? Jay’s your guy. Saving money? Jay’s your guy. Implementing a massive project that is the first of its kind with your company and it’s keeping you up at night? Jay may not sing lullabies, but he’ll get it done with panache. He looks forward to putting his stealth, ninja-negotiating, and dedication to forging new frontiers to work for you.



Jay Majmudar

Technology Partners Microsoft, Oracle, CNSI, IBM, AWS

Cell Center and Technology

As a woman-owned small business with over 31 years of combined procurement and design experience with the corresponding established vendor relationships, we bring a special value proposition to your technology infrastructure. We can design, implement and manage your remote or onsite call center, create and deploy fully-featured cloud strategies and new IT architectures while helping you fulfill any small business requirements.
Brand Partners AARP, NCMEC, HFA, World Team Sports

Brand Experience

The team at Piper also has done some important work for companies that give back to our communities – developing cutting edge strategies that help build brand awareness and effectively tell the story that these organizations need to raise support and funds. Other clients have included Jose Andres ThinkFood Group, Vint Hill, AEI, Dream Careers, Let’s Adopt and DC Central Kitchen.
Media Partners Discovery, Lifetime, National Geographic

Media Production

Television is where lots of the staff of Piper got their sea legs. The team brings with them more than 50 combined years of television and advertising production experience to Piper. Some of our other production company experience has included work for and with FOX, Bravo, Ovation, Discovery ID, National Geographic, and PBS.

Call Centers

One of Piper's niche offerings is the creation, deployment and management of VoIP call centers for television and media productions. Our unique blend of television production know-how, coupled with best-in-class IT deployments make us the go-to for dependable call centers that know how to work with the broadcast and media industry. We can procure vanity phone numbers, design and deploy a fully-functional call center, complete with a case management system, in a flash. We also can facilitate virtual and on-site trainings for your staff, produce custom operator scripts, and provide ongoing technical assistance for your production. Need help staffing your call center? Our human resources team is standing by to bring you world-class, bi-lingual operators to help make your call center a success.

In Pursuit with John Walsh

Investigation Discovery

When John Walsh's iconic crimefighting returned to TV, his producers turned to Piper to create their call center. 1-833-3-PURSUE has been used to help law enforcement help capture nearly 40 of the country's most wanted fugitives.  

In Pursuit with John Walsh

The call center features 24/7, 365 automation, has staffed up to 25 professional operators and saw zero downtime during the pandemic. When in person, the call center operates out of the training center at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria, VA. The call center fields tips from the web, social media, SMS and callers.

Chasing the Cure


When Ann Curry's critically-acclaimed Chasing the Cure team needed a high-tech, flexible call center for their weekly show, they turned to Piper to design and implement their call center. Piper's team also created custom operator scripts, provided workflow escalations and on-site and remote support for the call center and production team.


Chasing the Cure

As with In Pursuit, the call center had a virtual and on-air component. Piper's deployment allowed for callers to participate with the live show and for the production team to work remotely with the call center when off the air.



Creative Consulting

We soar above the rest.
Need a video to pump up a proposal or a cutting-edge advertisement or print presentation? We've got you covered. Piper's team has also created and maintained social media strategies for some of the country's largest brands and nonprofits - growing audiences from the hundreds into the millions.
“Aren’t you the team who is producing that Emmy-winning show and that blockbuster concept?” Why yes we are. The videos below are a snapshot of some of the epic work that we do. Join our flock and see what Piper can produce for you.  

Piper 2022 Design Reel

Making Waves with PADI

US Coast Guard: The Cape

National Geographic: Brain Games

Technology Experitse

As a woman-owned small business with over 31 years of combined procurement and design experience with the corresponding established vendor relationships, we bring a special value proposition to your technology infrastructure. We can develop from the bottom-up VoIP call centers, procure with gusto, provide cybersecurity program management, implement full-featured cloud strategies or oversee the implementation of the full spectrum of your new architecture while helping you fulfill any small business requirements.

VoIP Call Centers

Piper specializes in flexible, easily-deployable and reliable call centers for demanding businesses and television productions. Most notably, we have been at the helm of the call centers for Discovery's hit In Pursuit with John Walsh and TNT and TBS's award-winning Chasing the Cure. In addition to procuring all of the tools to run your call center and creating and managing the technical requirements (i.e.VoIP, SMS, email), Piper also can staff, train, manage, and provide an array of human resources services to properly run your operation. We also can procure the vanity phone numbers and produce custom scripts and workflows for your operators.

Enterprise IT

There’s no system too small or too large for Piper to take on. Our CTO has taken on the management of an IT division of a $180M business with a full gambit of services including private telecommunications network, a 24×7 network operations center, matrixes team of technical resources (server administrators, network administrators, database administrators, configuration management specialists, and application testers), world class help desk, and a robust cyber security unit. There are no systems or storms that this team is afraid to fly through.

Cloud Migrations

Piper is a pro at performing analysis of cloud migrations for mission critical applications in the healthcare, nonprofit and government sectors. Our team knows the ins and outs of infrastructures of traditional data centers and how to migrate them to AWS, Microsoft and Oracle clouds.

Cyber Security

We have created and successfully deployed secure data centers with infrastructure architectures that touch over 10 million Medicaid recipients and make over $20 billion a year in payments to over 150,000 providers. Our cyber muscle doesn’t end there: we have also built security training programs for employees, strategic enterprise wide security programs, and designed systems with strict adherence to security compliance. Have external security audits and guidelines? No problem. We have conducted and participated in outside security audits and screens for mission critical applications.

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