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Enterprise Procurement

No matter the size of your project, Piper is your one stop shop for all things related to technology procurement. Our experienced team has procured more than $100M of IT projects for a variety of clients; always complying with licensing rules and regulations, working with our clients to optimize cash flow and minimize spending while creating aggressive discounts through partner negotiations. Piper’s high-flying expertise doesn’t end with procurement. See how we lead the flock in everything from Enterprise IT to Cyber Security below.

Crushing the Cloud…and the Hackers Who Hack There

Cloud Migrations

Piper is a pro at performing analysis of cloud migrations for mission critical applications in the healthcare, nonprofit and government.  Our team knows the ins and outs of infrastructures of traditional data centers and how to migrate them to AWS, Microsoft and Oracle clouds.

Cyber Security

The team at Piper has created and successfully deployed secure data centers with infrastructure architectures that touch over 10 million Medicaid recipients and make over $20 billion a year in payments to over 150,000 providers.  Our Cyber Muscle doesn’t end there: we have also built security training programs for employees, strategic enterprise wide security programs, and designed systems with strict adherence to security compliance.  Have external security audits and guidelines? No problem. We have conducted and participated in outside security audits and screens for mission critical applications.

Enterprise IT

There’s no system too small or too large for Piper to take on. Our CTO has taken on the management of an IT division of a $180M business with a full gambit of services including private telecommunications network, a 24×7 Network Operations Center, matrixes team of technical resources (server administrators, network administrators, database administrators, configuration management specialists, and application testers), world class hep desk, and a robust cyber security unit. There are no systems or storms that this team is afraid to fly through.

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